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Seamless step & repeat printing for real textile requirements


nèoStampa offers all requirements to create a seamless step & repeated print of a design.


The specially developped algorythm calculates the best correspondance of the last and first pixel of the design to be repeated in all  direction. Only with this a real seamless, high-quality printout can be achieved.


Use a fix offset (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc.) or an individual drop in vertical or horizontal direction showing it quickly and directly on the rapport layout. By help of the minimal rapport option one single repeat will be processed and interpolated for high-speed printing.



Color chart generator


nèoStampa provides a color chart generator to create and print color libraries. Variations around a desired color with a specific amount of patches can be defined and the generator automatically produces variations.


In addition to this it’s possible to set 4 corners with device color data in order to be able to cover all the gamut of the printer using it’s direct device channels.


In combination with nèoColorations you can also use the RGB or LAB color libraries that come with the plugin solution of Inèdit which is perfectly working with nèoStampa and the hueman CMS.



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